The Milijuli Foundation; the start of a new beginning

After working with different organizations, the team of the Milijuli Education Program still didn’t find the platform they wanted and needed to achieve their goals. This group of young idealists got together a team to form the board of The Milijuli Foundation and got themselves registered as a social enterprise in November 2016.

The Milijuli Foundation looks forward to work for the Nepali society, to get to know the people that are struggling and to empower them to lift themselves up out of the situation that is hampering them.

At this moment the foundation has one program running under it’s supervision, the Milijuli Education Program, and is working on developing  programs that complement the needs found in the society.

The Milijuli Foundation is looking forward to make a difference. And you can do the same!
To find out how take a look at  (LINK) and become join the Milijuli family to strive for a better more equal Nepal!