Milijuli has to say goodbye

The Milijuli education program has to say goodbye to 8 of it’s students. It’s not a sad goodbye, it’s one full of proud. These students finished our bridging program and will continue their education elsewhere. We are proud to see that these students grew so much in the last three years. Although they all they go to another school we will be keeping in touch. Our doors will always be open for them after their school time and in the holidays so they will have a safe place to spend their time, to play, learn and enjoy with their friends.

The children that left our program last year all past their exams and are upgraded to the next class. We feel proud to see that our program is so successful, to see that we have given our children a base that they missed from their early age and we are proud to know that we will create the same opportunity for more children again this year.

We are ready for the challenge of 2074,we are ready to educate!