The Milijuli Education Program; And so it continues

The Milijuli Education program was set up in 2013. Although it was that time known under a different name it carried out the same nobel cause: ‘ Educating children from the slum area of Sinamangal, Kathmandu.

The Education program is committed to help those children who do not get along in the regular education system of Nepal. The children that come to our school are from the families with the lowest social economical status and we serve as a bridging program to the regular education systems. (For more information : LINK)

Sunday 16th april the new session starts. This means 8 of our old students go to Guyeswhori school. And the education program is expecting minimum 10 new students to start the program.
After many requests we will open our doors now also for the smallest ones by starting a playgroup. This playgroup will help parents of young children to be able to go to work and leave their children in a safe place.

We are looking forward to start the new year and wish all of you a prosperous and fruitful year ahead